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KMU International Business School (KIBS) provides undergraduate
management education attuned to the needs of today's global
business world.


The KIBS curriculum, taught fully in English, offers business courses to ensure students develop the creativity, flexibility and critical thinking required to succeed in today's ever-changing, complex environment. KIBS core courses cover the fields of financial management, marketing, accounting, production management, human resource management, and general management from the global perspective in which skilled professional global managers are on demand. When a KIBS student fulfills all the graduation requirements, he or she receives a Bachelor degree in Business Administration with International Business Major.

KIBS students can apply to extra programs provided by KCBA and KIBS. Qualified applicants can participate in overseas internship programs, dual-degree programs, and study abroad programs. KIBS places special emphasis on internship opportunities that can help students start building their global careers from their sophomore years. For instance, we arrange overseas summer internships with the cooperation of valued global firms such as Apex Advisors, Uniquify, USK Manufacturing, Xeltek, Posco Daewoo, Berjaya Group, Cheil PengTai and Li&Fung. These firms offer a wide range of jobs within their companies in various locations (e.g., USA, Malaysia, and China). The internships offer students valuable hands-on experiences and an opportunity to build confidence to pursue their career goals in the global setting.

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We offer business courses that are geared towards satisfying the fast changing demands of large global firms, small to medium enterprises, and the public institutions.

  • Financial Institutions (banks, securities companies, etc)
  • Consulting firms and accounting firms
  • Multinational corporations
  • Government and public organizations
  • Press
  • Business School
  • Law School
  • CPA(Certified Public Accountant)
  • CFA(Certified Financial Analyst)
  • CPCU(Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter)
  • SAP ERP Specialist